BMC Qatar

Technical Services

The protection and weatherproofing of modern building and construction has become, over recent years, an increasing concern not just for architects, contractors and construction material suppliers, but also for the actual users of a building. The rapid technological advance in construction materials, and the increasingly specialized nature of modern construction, creates the need for an equally specialized and modern approach to the inherent problems of protection and weatherproofing. The traditional problems of roofing and waterproofing have accordingly acquired a more complex nature than ever before.

Today’s problems include the correct choice of compatible materials; requiring more precise application methods as well as thorough knowledge of new processes and advanced systems. Design criteria must take into consideration the more specialized uses of today’s buildings and the requirements of sophisticated expression of modern architecture and system building. Whilst strict adherence to standards, advisory and regulatory codes, trade and professional bodies accepted methods, normally leads to acceptable performance by the specialist trades, most codes and standards find it difficult to keep up to date and cope with the constant rapid developments in the industry.

This has created increased responsibilities for the specialist contractor and definite requirement for a change of attitude towards construction protection, if optimum use of this available technology is to be realized. That goes well beyond what is normally offered by the general or main contractor. BMC Qatar Specialized Waterproofing Engineering Service can and does offer this service as part of the total roofing and waterproofing package for our BMC clients.Our service covers all technical aspects of construction weatherproofing such as design review, site inspection and condition assessment, QA/QC Inspection for areas like foundation protection and basement waterproofing, jointing, insulation, roofing and all related works.
From the pre-design to post contract maintenance, BMC Qatar Specialized Waterproofing Engineering Service prides itself on its professional team of architects, civil engineers, administrators and skilled team members, drawn from international business that can be harnessed to your project with strict adherence to the highest technical and professional standards. Finally, and following the above mentioned, we hereby inform you that we will be honored to cooperate with you and ready for your projects and that we will always remain at your entire disposal for any presentation or assistance you may require.