BMC Qatar

Area of Expertise

BMC QATAR understands the individual needs and requirements of every project and works hand-in-hand with architects, engineers and general contractors to ensure proper materials are utilized in every case. Our crew of contracts engineers fully understand the importance of properly detailing all grade waterproofing and proceeding in a timely manner to avoid delays in construction.

Our corporate experience and the individual skills of our foremen and workforce are the key to a successful job. We know what materials and techniques will yield the highest performance for specific conditions and budgets. BMC QATAR is always available to advise clients on the methods most appropriate for cost and time savings. The best evidence of our successful craftsmanship is the long list of repeat customers, owners, contractors and construction managers who invite us to work on their projects.

BMC QATAR offers a variety of waterproofing services to ensure that your basement or roof will remain dry permanently. BMC QATAR does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach, but instead offers multiple options to suit your needs. Our inspectors will diagnose your problem and then recommend the best alternatives for your situation. BMC QATAR success is built on quality, value and the sense of pride we have in our work. These attributes are reflected in our performance, and form the core of who we are as a business.

BMC QATAR provides a reputable and honest alternative to doing business. We vow to offer superior products and services, delivered with integrity, to our customers. We remains One Step Ahead by offering skilled technicians, who are among the finest in the industry, whose knowledge and experience are matched only by their dedication to quality. BMC QATAR will certainly solve your basement or roof water problem. Our waterproofing system is also designed to provide waterproofing protection for foundation walls, slabs, parking decks, plaza decks, tunnels and many other interior and exterior applications.


With today's modern technology there is now a vast variety of building materials that can be used in waterproofing.We install a comprehensive line of horizontal and vertical waterproofing systems suited for both above grade or below grade installations. Fluid applied deck coating systems, pressure injection sytems, urethane and epoxy coatings are also components of our installations.


We are certified applicators of numerous roofing material manufacturers, we are versatile in Hot or Cold applied Built-Up roof systems, as well as EPDM, TPO, PVC and PVC KEE membranes.BMC will offer their experience gained in varying types of structures, to their client's advantage in an effort to obtain the most economic and technically feasible solution to roof design and construction.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation of residential, Commercial and other types of structures has become an important factor to be taken into consideration at the early stages if design, not only to ensure adequate environmental conditions within structure, to meet current building regulations and achieve low energy consumption, but also to protect the building fabric. also to protect the building the

Maintenance & Repair

Timely maintenance of a roof or waterproofing assembly requires inspection and periodic upgrade. We use our extensive background and excellent understanding of building construction to identify chronic structural leaks. We provide Roof Maintenance, Emergency Leak Service, Roof Inspection and Repairs. the most economic and technically feasible solution to roof design and construction.


Water proofing and damp proofing for underground structures such as foundations, walls tanks etc using:

  • Sure-Seal (EPDM) Systems
  • APP and SBS Modified Bituminous Membrane Systems
  • PVC, HDPE, TPO, and Hipalone Membrane Systems
  • Hot and Cold Fluid applied waterproofing material and crystalline capillary waterproofing systems

Roof and Thermal Insulation using:

  • Built-Up roofing systems
  • Inverted and conventional roofing systems
  • Polyutherane sprayed in-situ systems
  • Liquid Applied roofing system

All Roof Retrofit systems

  • Waterproofing for Wet Areas such as: Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, planters etc
  • Environmental and Geo-Synthetic solutions and lining systems for water containment structures ponds, canals, lagoons, evaporation and irration
  • Tunnels lining solutions and systems
  • Design and installation for expansion joints and sealants
  • Light weight foam and other low density involving concrete

BMC QATAR also has a contracting and consultancy division specialized in the inspection, repair, survey, testing, maintenance and refurbishment of all types of concrete structures. BMC QATAR is passionately committed to the training and development of its workforce and to the continuous improvement of working practices in the concrete repair and structural refurbishment sector. BMC QATAR believes the key to its success is a cooperative approach aimed at meeting the needs of its customers culminating in the delivery of quality of services that exceeds their expectations.

BMC QATAR has established a growing reputation as a high quality contractor, in the concrete repair sector across a wide spectrum. The growing reputation of BMC QATAR in the specialized construction field of concrete repair is reflected in the areas of Flooring Repairs and Deck Reinstatement, Cathodic Protection System, Joint Sealing, Surface Preparation / Grit Blasting / High Pressure Steam Cleaning, Protective and Decorative Coatings. BMC QATAR offers a comprehensive and quality assured service tailored to the client’s requirements in all aspects associated with concrete repair. BMC QATAR offers a wide range of services associated with structural refurbishment, Survey, Testing and Inspection. BMC QATAR is specialized in the concrete repair of bridges, concrete frame buildings, reservoirs, water towers, in fact all concrete structures. BMC QATAR has a wealth of highly experienced personnel from concrete repair applicators to technical support, site management, site surveyors, health and safety management as well as recognized documented quality procedures. BMC QATAR aims is to deliver long term cost effective solutions to its clients and to lend its full support and attention to its customers needs, from survey to completion of all projects regardless of size.

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